LA MORTILLA Relax in the middle of "nowhere"



We were looking for a place that could remind us of the infinite spaces and the limitless horizons of Africa, Continent we love and we visited many times. After having searched for a long time, we found "our place" in this area in the south of Sicily where the sky seems as it neverends, the stars are brightest and closer and the view is 360° on valleys, the sea and the mountains.

Moreover, in few km, you can find some of the most relevant archeological, monumental and natural sites of the Island that more than any other place in the mediterranean area, has been cot and laboratory for some of the most important cultures in the history of the human race. Our place logo is the plant of myrtle (in sicilian dialect "mortidda") which is a strong, waterless growing plant, generousely giving its fruits and at the same time able to provide a gentle, elegant white springtime blossom: somehow it is similar to us!

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